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P.O. Box 2711 El-Horreya, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arabization & Translation Web?

Arabization & Translation Web is an online translation service founded by Noha Mostafa, MITI Qualified Translator of the Institute of Interpreting and Translation, the UK. 

ATW Team is composed of certified freelance translators providing professional translation & localization services for all kinds of documents in English, Arabic, French, and Turkish languages. Other languages are provided upon request. All translations are carried out by specialized native translators with at least 8 years of translation experience. Besides translation and localization, we also provide Arabization, transcreation, subtitling, transcription, copywriting, content marketing, and DTP & Typesetting services.

How does it work at ATW?

If you have a document that you want to translate, Arabize, localize transcreate, subtitle, typesette or proofread and edit, please use our Quote Page to upload the file and provide us with all necessary details or send the file by email to receive our free Quote. You receive the Quote within a few hours without any commitment on your side. Upon acceptance of our Quote and receiving your Purchase Order or Confirmation Email, we immediately proceed with the required job and deliver it on time by email together with the invoice. You are allowed 15 days to review the delivered job, after which you are required to process the payment of the delivered file.

Do I have to pay for a quote?

All price quotations are provided free of charge without any commitment on your side. You can upload your documents and request a binding quotation online via our Quote Page when you provide us with all necessary details about the required service or alternatively get an instant preliminary quote online without uploading your document via our instant messaging in the footer. However, this will give you an idea of the price but is not binding.

How are your prices calculated?

There is a minimum charge for small projects which covers our administration costs. Apart from this, our prices are calculated on a per source word rate of one page consisting of 250 source words.

How are the words in a document counted?

If the document is in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint format, you can use the Tools menu to know the number of words in your document. For other file formats (PDF, HTML, etc.), send us the file using our Quote Page or email and we will use our count tool to count it for you and send you the word count analysis with the quote as soon as possible.

Who will translate my document?

Your document will be translated by certified translators working only in subjects that match their qualifications and experience and translating exclusively into their native language. All our translators have at least eight years of professional experience, and are mostly members of the professional bodies such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting or the Institute of Linguists.

How do I guarantee that the content of my file will remain confidential?

All our translators are bound to observe the confidentiality of your documents by virtue of non-disclosure agreements. However, we can also sign our clients’ own confidentiality agreements if desired.

When can you deliver the translated file?

Generally speaking, a professional translator can translate and proofread around 2000 words per day. Although turnaround depends essentially on our translators’ schedules, we can also cater for urgent deadlines. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

How can I pay for my translated file?

We accept payments via wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal or any other agreed upon method of payment. New clients are requested to pay an advance payment of 30% of the total value of their quote, or to provide their credit card details as a guarantee for first orders. This is not an advance payment, but is only a guarantee for your first order. Your card will not be charged until delivery of the translation.

When should I pay?

Invoices should be paid within 15 days as of receipt of the translated document, unless otherwise agreed in the PO. When you receive your translation, you will also receive an electronic invoice with payment details and instructions. We usually ask new clients to provide their credit card details as a guarantee for first orders. This is not an advance payment; it is only a guarantee for your first order. Your card will not be charged until delivery of the translation.

What currencies do you accept?

All currencies are accepted, especially USD $, €, GBP £, ¥, SAR, KWD, etc.

Does your price include VAT?

The prices offered in our quotation does not include value added tax (VAT).

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P.O. Box 2711 El-Horreya, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

Mobile: (+20) 100 33 99 021

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