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Desktop Publishing 

ًWhat is Desktop Publishing? 

Desktop Publishing is the creation of page designs on a computer with the use of a special DTP software that integrates texts with images. Desktop Publishing is mostly used for print in newspapers, magazines, brochures, posters, flyers, books, pdf, but now it is used in digital products as well to create e-books, web pages, and newsletters.

There are many Desktop Publishing Programs, whether paid or free. The most important of the paid programs is Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe InDesign. Microsoft Office Word can be considered another paid option, though with less functionality and features for the purpose. Among the free programs are Scribus and Lucid Press.

Desktop Publishing and Translation

Desktop Publishing is often used with Translation to optimize the look and feel of your product to appeal to your target audience. For example, if you want to translate a manual from English into Arabic, you usually send us the InDesign file, we then export the text to our CAT tool, translate it then re-insert it in InDesign to provide you with the final product ready to print.

The most common problem that arises when working in desktop publishing is the fact that languages vary in length. Translating 80 pages of English text may take more than 90 pages in Arabic. This is mostly the case with all languages. It is unlikely that a specific language will have exactly the same length as another, as some languages need more words to express a certain meaning, while others need fewer words to say the same thing. Therefore, the layout must be adjusted accordingly to the size of the new text.


What is Typesetting?

Typesetting is the process of setting text onto a page. It is the stage where the typesetter arranges the interior of a book to create the best reading experience for the reader. The typesetter also determines the trim size and the size of the margins, he styles the chapter starts, and picks the right font typeface and size for the book. Typesetting is of vital importance for the readability of your book

The typesetter also takes care of:

  • Kerning: adjusting the spacing between characters.
  • Orphans and widows: precluding “widows,” which occur when the last row of a paragraph ends on the top of a page, and “orphans,” which are its vice-versa.
  • Word stacks: avoiding word stacks, which occur when consecutive rows of text start or end with the same word.
  • Drop caps: stylizing the first character of the first paragraph in a chapter.
  • Book blocks: taking care of the block of text on each facing page of a book should end on the same row.

Desktop Publishing & Typesetting Services

Desktop Publishing & Typesetting

If you want to translate a manual with all its graphics and illustrations, wish to localize your website and desire to insert attractive images with some enhancements, want to transcreate your business profile and seek to hire a talented graphic designer to create captivating infographic, upload the file here or share the link with us via email and we’ll immediately set to work to satisfy all your needs.

Our skilful team of web desktop publishers and graphic designers are always available to assist you with all your business stationery and marketing collaterals, be it a company profile, a business brochure or a product manual. We can also develop all your design requirements, whether it is a design for a logo, slogan, flier or brochure.

Just give us a detailed overview of your project and we will provide you with your high-resolution pdf file ready for publication or your jpeg or png design ready for use.

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