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High-quality comprehensive subtitling and captioning services that comprise transcription, subtitling and captioning at cost-effective rates.

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Subtitling Services

What is Subtitling?

Subtitling is a type of audio-visual translation, where a text derived from either a transcript or screenplay of the dialogue or commentary in films, television programs, video games is usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. Subtitling can either be a form of written translation of a dialogue in a foreign language, or a written rendering of the dialogue in the same language, with or without added information to help deaf/hard-of-hearing viewers, who cannot understand the spoken language, or who have accent recognition problems to follow the dialogue.

Subtitles can also be used to refer to the translation of dialogue from a foreign language into the native language of the audience. To understand a movie, spectators have to keep reading the subtitles as the film is going on. Subtitling is actually the quickest and cheapest method of translating audio content and is the commonly preferred method of translating videos/films as it allows the audience the privilege of hearing the original dialogue and the actors’ voices.

Voice technology has been in wide use lately by many industries worldwide. It has also been proven that subtitling and captioning increase the visibility of videos online and improves their SEO and prospects of reach to a wider audience. According to Statista’s latest survey in 2021the use of voice technology in subtitling and closed captioning was  14%.

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Captioning Services

Closed Captions

Captioning is a service that assumes that users cannot hear, thus writes captions for background sounds, speech, music, and all other sounds that appear in a video. Subtitles, on the other hand, is the translation of such captions to make the video accessible to foreign language audience. Although the demand for both caption and subtitle services is high by industries like media, entertainment, academics, internet, etc., the closed-caption subtitles format is generally essential for a higher SEO ranking and an increased user engagement.

Transcription Services

Transcription Services

With the use of professional human transcriptionists, we convert the speech of your audio or video into a written or electronic text document in various forms for various platforms. All transcripts are grammatically and linguistically revised to guarantee the delivery of error-free transcripts.

Subtitling Services

Why is Subtitling Important for Online Videos?

Help the audience understand without audio.

More than 80% of social media users ultimately watch promotional videos without sound. Facebook, as an example, auto-play videos, so most viewers simply end up watching movies in the background, without having any idea about the video content / advertised product. This is where subtitles come in handy. It allows you to watch and understand the video content even in noisy environments.

Reach a Wider Audience

Having a video captioned and subtitled ensures that it reaches a broader and more varied audience beyond your country or region and is a practical & efficient practice to expand the global reach of your services and products.

Increase a Video’s Viewing Time

Adding subtitles and captions increases the viewing time of videos. The more a video’s view time increases, the more revenues it collects.

Increase User Engagement & SEO Ranking

It was found that adding subtitles and closed captions to a video not only increases users engagement but also is a means to a higher SEO ranking.



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