Divi Review

Most online Divi Reviews are reviews of developers, marketers and web designers. My Divi Review is totally different in its being a review of a non-techie. All my real experience with Divi is hardly one year. In this Divi Review, I’m trying to explain how Divi Theme and Divi Theme Builder have made it quite easy for beginners and non-techies like me to create a website for their business. If your content is ready, your website design can take two to three days maximum. If you’re still doubtful, check my website and be sure that yours will be even better. I, therefore, encourage you to go out of your comfort zone, pluck up enough courage and put a step forward to build a new business and a new career.

Weebly Experience

Having been a user of Weebly for quite a long time, my Weebly website served as an online business card. For work opportunities, I was mainly depending on freelance platforms and the word of mouth, which provided me then with a reasonable amount of work. Looking to expand and grow my translation business, Weebly failed to meet all my growing needs. This was mainly because Weebly Websites are not search engine friendly. No matter how I followed Weebly’s SEO guide, my website didn’t get any traffic nor generate any work opportunities. It was then when I started to consider migrating to WordPress. I hired a web developer to create a multilingual professional website and within 40 days I had a beautiful multilingual website in English, Arabic and French. However, my website was neither optimized for mobile nor for speed and SEO. Crowded with many plugins and technicalities, the new WordPress website was too complicated for me to manage. And like my earlier attempt with Weebly, this endeavour wasn’t much better.


Divi Experience

Surfing the web in search for an easy user-friendly theme and visual page builder with an attractive modern look, I was fascinated with Divi theme, the ultimate WordPress theme & Visual Page Builder of Elegant themes. After checking its beautifully designed layouts -you can copy and paste to your own website- which come in many categories, inclusive video tutorials, helpful 24/7 Support, valuable monthly Divi Meetup Network Community, supportive Facebook Group, comprehensive documentation, easy-to-use Page builder, positive customer reviews, and YouTube channel tips & designs, it didn’t take me much time to think about purchasing Divi. And indeed, it proved to be one of the smartest and wisest business decisions I’ve recently made.

Divi has taken my WordPress website to a whole new level. Although I’m not a techie, I was able to create a professional and beautiful website with its extremely easy-to-use Page Builder, easy-to-follow video tutorials, helpful tips and designs on their YouTube Channel and valuable blog articles. The beauty of Divi is that it provides you with the ultimate web design toolkit. If you want to create a business website or blog, this toolkit gives you access to Divi Theme which you use on WordPress platform to create a professional attractive website with its easy-to-use visual builder, Divi Page Builder, along with Bloom & Monarch plugins for social sharing and opt-in forms for marketing purposes. Alternatively, if you wish to create a trendy modern WooCommerce online store, Divi is WooCommerce compatible. Just install the latest version of WooCommerce plugin on your website to be able to use Divi’s WooCommerce Modules included in the Divi Builder. This also allows you to utilize the power of Divi to add, remove and style the WooCommerce Elements that make up a product page layout to create fully customized product pages from scratch. However, it is important to point out that while Divi Builder includes various WooCommerce modules, WooCommerce plugin can still be used alone without the Divi Builder. The use of Divi Builder only makes your experience easier with no WooCommerce Shortcodes. In fact, creating your website with Divi Theme and Builder doesn’t require any technical knowledge or coding. It is specifically designed to be easily used by beginners and non-techies without the need to hire a web developer or use one line of code.

What is Divi 4 Theme & Divi Theme Builder?

Divi 4 is the current updated version of Divi Theme that includes the all-new Divi theme Builder. Divi is actually 2 separate things; the Divi Theme (used only with the Divi Theme Builder) and the Divi Theme Builder (used with Divi Theme and any other WordPress theme). After the inclusion of WooCommerce Modules, you cannot only create your business website, but your WooCommerce store as well. Divi 4 is a game-changer.

With the release of Divi 4 including the brand new Divi Theme Builder in October 2019, the Theme Builder enables you to build custom headers, footers, category pages, product templates, blog post templates, 404 pages and much more. Thereby, the Theme Builder gives you full control over your entire website. So, now Divi Theme comes with Divi Theme Builder, Divi WooCommerce Modules, 100’s of PreBuilt Websites, Online Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, along with the ability to Sell Unlimited Products Online, Display Your Work, and Access 1000’s of Open-Source Photos & Illustrations.

Divi’s Web Design Toolkit enables you to create a fully functional website that you’ll hardly need any extra plugins to add more features to your website. What’s more impressing about Divi is its regular and frequent updates which add more and more useful features and functionalities to your website. That’s why I consider Divi’s purchase the best investment I’ve made for my business.

Therefore, if you’re planning to create a professional and attractive website, blog, or even woo-commerce store, now is the time to create the website of your dreams. Have a look at Divi’s Layout Packs and select the layout that suits your business and experience Divi’s magic!


Great Pricing


Responsive Design


Easy To Use


24/7 Support

What are the Pros and Cons of Divi?

Divi is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. It is designed with beginners and non-techies in mind. It’s ease of use prompted over 700K individuals worldwide to be users and fans of Divi, from web designers, business owners, to freelancers and agencies. It is virtually the best drag and drop page builder with many features and functionalities to design the best WordPress websites in 2021. Elegant Themes offers free layouts on their blog on a weekly basis that you can download and use on your website. Most importantly, they have many tutorials on their blog and YouTube Channel to show you how to use and customize these layouts. When you subscribe to their annual membership plan or purchase their lifetime plan, Elegant Themes gives you access to all their other themes and plugins for list building, social sharing and more.

What Does Divi Offer?

Divi theme allows you to build your website using its visual editor, Divi Theme Builder. The Builder is an easy to use drag and drop interface packed with 46 different elements. It allows you to drag and drop these various elements to the place you want them to appear on your web page. The visual builder enables you to see how your website looks like in real-time while you’re creating it. It also gives you full control over your design through the setting. This is called front-page editing. Each page is composed of a header section, body section/s and footer section. The body of the page is either composed of one section or multiple sections, which can be full-width, standard and custom. You can then fill each section with the number of columns you want. Columns are composed of row(s). In each row, you can insert the element you select from the 46 available elements. In the backend, when you’re creating on the WordPress platform itself, the sections are blue coloured blocks, the columns are green coloured blocks, and the rows are black. This is mainly the concept around which Divi Theme Builder revolves. You can also choose any of the premade layouts from within the Builder, customize these layouts to your liking and use them on the website currently being designed or even save them to your library to be used later on other websites. You can also create any website or page from scratch with the help of the online documentation and videos. After you design your website, watch tutorials on the basics of Monarch and Bloom plugins and learn how to add The Divi Blog Module or choose a premade blog layout directly from the builder.

When you’re done with your web design, necessary plugins and blog, you can now optimize your website for speed with the help of Divi’s Ultimate Guide to Speeding Up Your Divi Website, for SEO with the help of Divi’s blog article What is SEO? A Simple Guide For Beginners and How to Build Strong SEO Foundations Using Divi, and for mobile with How to Optimize Your Divi Layout for Mobile Devices. Now, nothing remains but to reap the fruits of your efforts, enjoy the traffic to your beautiful website and growing ROI.

Get Divi Today

Get Divi and enjoy creating your website to your taste. Divi’s tutorials will provide you with all that you’ll need. Click the button below and join more than 700,000+ happy users.

Divi Elements

Divi Elements

Divi Theme contains 46 different elements to choose from and create with your website. From the basic features such as text, button, image, and blurb to the more sophisticated features like testimonials, accordion, slider, counters and image gallery, etc. Each of these elements can be styled individually, duplicated and re-arranged on the web page as you like. Once you’ve customized your element to your liking, you can then save it to your Library templates to be used on other pages of your website or on totally different websites.

Divi Layouts

Divi Layouts is another priceless option that allows you to download the template or layout of your liking from over 1000+ Free Premade Layouts & Website Templates to be used on your website. Divi Layouts are pre-made website modules. A new Divi layout pack is released on a weekly basis. Each layout pack is designed for a specific niche and comes with a range of 6–9-page templates that you are free to use on your personal or business website or on any of your customers’ websites as well, if you’re a web designer. To import your Divi Layouts, follow the instructions at the beginning of Divi Layouts Page and you’ll be good to go.

Divi Layout Packs

Divi Library

Divi Library is another invaluable feature of Divi Theme. It is your exclusive web design toolkit and the place where you save all your favourite customized layouts for later use on your current Divi website. In your Divi Library, you can save individual customized elements, sections, modules and full-page layouts. The Library allows you also to import and export your customized layouts for use on any other Divi Themed website. This saves you hours of design time and enables you to create handy collections of your favourite module combinations.

Divi Library

Customization Options

Customization options are overwhelming in Divi. To apply global customization on your entire website, you can use the Theme Customizer to adjust colours, fonts, margins, logo, background image, headers and footers and much more.

For individual options, you can use the styling options of individual elements to override the global setting and apply a different style, font or colour. Divi is also loaded with many header options for the logo, navigation and menu.

Front-Line Editing

The best of Divi’s features is its Front-Line Editing feature which enables you to edit on your website to have a better feel of its look and allows you to see changes in real-time. Just insert the cursor on the exact place you want to adjust and add the text you like or apply whatever changes you have in mind.

WooCommerce Integration

Divi is also compatible with WooCommerce. All you have to do is to install the latest version of the WooCommerce plugin. After activation, you’ll see that a new WooCommerce and Products section has been added to your WordPress Dashboard. These can be used to adjust your eCommerce settings and publish new products with all the documentation included online. Although you can use WooCommerce plugin alone, you can also utilize Divi WooCommerce Builder to use its various WooCommerce modules. The WooCommerce tutorials can be found in a written form and in video as well. This video gives a quick overview of the potentials of Divi WooCommerce Builder.

Divi Woo Modules

Divi Installation

If you decide to use the WordPress platform to create your website and have settled on using Divi Theme, once you log into your WordPress Website upload Divi Theme from your Elegant Themes account. Activate the plugin and start your journey to success. Check this video to know more about the release of Divi 4.0 and the Divi Theme Builder.

Divi Documentation

To check all Divi documentation and tutorials in written and video form, you can access valuable information about Divi Theme Documentation that can serve as a free private tutorial to turn you into a professional Divi web developer in no time.

In fact, Elegant Themes has a long Documentation Page offering free tutorials in video and written form about Divi Theme, Extra Theme, Bloom Plugin, Monarch Plugin, Divi Builder, and even a section for Developers. So, if you were a complete beginner, with Divi Theme and Builder your journey will be really easy and smooth with Divi Tutorial videos and complete documentation.

Divi Documentation

Bloom Plugin

Bloom is an opt-in plugin for WordPress that comes with many design settings, which you can adjust to match your website theme fonts and colours. Bloom opt-ins are the best method to convert your visitors into loyal followers and customers of your brand. With the use of Bloom, you can get more email subscribers and target specific posts and pages with unique offers based on your visitors’ location and interaction. In Bloom, you can find more than 100 adjustable templates to customize to your liking.

Bloom Opt-in Forms

Monarch Plugin

Social Media is the lifeblood of modern digital marketing. That’s why Elegant Themes designed a specific plugin, Monarch for social media sharing for WordPress. With its various designs that suit every purpose, Monarch Plugin enables you to add its sharing buttons in 5 different locations and thereby increases your social sharing.

Want to see how it looks in these 5 different locations? Check the Monarch Page. It allows you to choose from more than 20 social sharing networks to enable your visitors to connect with you on your social media networks and attract and increase engagement with your audience.

monarch preview

Divi Multilingual Website

If you’re planning to have a multilingual website, localizing your website is easier during the creation process. There are many plugins that can do this job for you such as TranslatePress, WPML, Polylang and Weglot. The easiest and most efficient is TranslatePress. More about the benefits of website localization can be found in our article How Website Localization Helps Your Business Expand Globally.


Lifetime Access
  • One Time Purchase Plan For Lifetime Unlimited No. Of Websites

Purchase Divi

To purchase Divi Theme you have two options, either to pay an annual subscription of $ 89 for yearly access to be used on unlimited websites or to pay $ 249 for lifetime access to be used on unlimited websites. Both plans give access to Divi Theme, Extra Theme, Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin, Monarch Social Sharing Plugin, Divi WooCommerce Modules and 100s of website packs.

By clicking the above button you save 20% off the above-mentioned price without the need to use any Divi coupons. The above button gives you access to Divi Theme, Divi Theme Builder and its related toolkit for one year at $ 70 instead of $ 89 and for a lifetime at $ 199 instead of $ 249. With a 30-days money-back guarantee, your Divi purchase is free of risk.

Best Experience

To get the best experience and value from your Divi website, join a trustworthy web hosting service. If you’re creating a new website, you’ll need a hosting company to register a domain name. This is your unique URL or the link people use to access your website. Then you’ll need a high-speed host provider to host your website. Here is were SiteGround comes to provide premium services.

Site Ground

In addition to a 99.7% customer satisfaction, SiteGround offers free SSL certificate, free access to the Cloudflare CDN, high-performance SSDs, unlimited email accounts, quick 24/7 support and 30-days money-back guarantee for all plans. For the Grow Big and Go Geek plans, SiteGround provides on-demand backup copies, speed-boosting caching, stagging and add collaborators. SiteGround offers new clients a special price for their first year, but the original price applies as of the following year. Click the Choose A Plan button to get your discount.

Known Host

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In conclusion, Known Host had a Great Uptime, Great Speed, 24/7 Support, but they don’t sell domains. According to Darrel Wilson, the famous marketer, his verdict was A for Known Host web hosting services.


With its powerful visual builder, attractive modern look, and Woo Commerce compatibility, Divi is not only the best e-commerce theme for WordPress, but it’s also the best WordPress theme for blogs. If you’re looking for websites for small business or business websites of any size, go no further. You should also put into consideration that when you purchase Divi, you don’t purchase the Theme or the Visual Builder alone, but you buy an inclusive package that includes Divi Theme, Extra Theme, Monarch Plugin, Bloom Plugin, and Divi Builder Plugin. This package opens up into wider opportunities for video tutorials and inclusive documentation to help you design your website to your taste, if you were a beginner, and the chance to join the big network of Divi Marketplace, the repository of third-party Divi Modules, Child Themes and Layouts, where Divi developers and designers can upload their creations and make them accessible to the Divi community for purchase or download for free.

After trying several web hosting services, I found SiteGround the best, especially with its 24/7 support. So, to make your website design and hosting a hassle-free journey, register your domain and host your website at SiteGround.

Whether you use our Divi or SiteGround Affiliate links, we are always willing to help you, especially through our coming soon website design and development services.

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